Reservations and Calendar

If the dates you are interested in are available in the calendar below, please send us a message to reserve your stay:

We will send you a square invoice with our rental agreement attached. We do rent through AirBnB and VRBO, but booking direct will always be the best price with no 3rd party fees added.

We are providing our home for your stay. We can not guarantee weather, fishing or scallop conditions, your work schedule or family illness. Our home is located in Florida. It rains. A lot. We have tropical storms and even hurricanes in the Gulf. If there is not a mandatory evacuation order and the home is still standing, we will honor your reservation. Due to these conditions and all the other myriad of unexpected reasons we could never imagine, please secure TRIP INSURANCE that covers cancelling your trip for any reason or you can get trip insurance that covers the standards reasons for cancellation such as

  • The unexpected death, illness, or injury of you and/or a traveling companion that deems you unfit to travel, by order of a licensed physician
  • The hospitalization or death of a non-traveling family member
  • Weather or common carrier related issues (varies by policy)
  • Unforeseen natural disasters at home or the destination
  • A legal obligation, such as being called for jury duty or to appear as a witness in court

Here is one place to start your search for insurance:

It is very reasonably priced and will give you the peace of mind of knowing your trip is covered no matter what life throws at you (We are looking at you 2020).

Your payments are non-refundable 60 days prior to the start of your stay.