Steinhatchee Falls

Did you know Florida’s WIDEST waterfall is in Taylor County, Florida, on the way to Steinhatchee?!

Steinhatchee Falls is located about two miles south of Tennille, Florida, on Florida Highway 51. It was formed by a limerock outcropping. Native Americans and settlers crossed the river here for hundreds of years!

Early in the 1900s, people would also use this spot to cross the river with their vehicles, prior to modern bridges being constructed; the flat natural bridge extends completely across the river and the water is only a few inches deep on top of the flat rock shelf! Traces of the old road are still there.

Don’t let the name throw you off. It may be the WIDEST waterfall in Florida, but it’s not very tall: the waterfall only has a drop of 3 feet! You can visit this spot for yourself, but keep in mind, the last mile of the drive to the falls is on a dirt road once you make the turn off of Florida State Highway 51. Also, you can’t really see the falls if the water level is too high!

There is also a great trail to the right of the rope swing. It’s well traveled in the beginning, but becomes more remote as you keep going. Beautiful cypress trees and old forest growth along the river. Definitely worth a trip.

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Visit Steinhatchee Falls–Hardly Niagara, But Still a Place of Beauty and Serenity

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